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Cooking Thermometer Thermapen Classic


Cooking Thermometer Thermapen Classic

HK$568.00 +


The SuperFast Thermapen Classic is the UK's number one selling cooking thermometer. Favoured by many of the world's top chefs

  • Over 50% faster than traditional probes
  • Unparalleled accuracy and readings in under 3 seconds
  • Biomaster anti-bacterial additive casing for hygiene
  • FREE traceable calibration certificate
  • Auto-power off after 10 minutes
  • And it's handmade in England!  Watch how it's made

In the US, the ETI SuperFast Thermapen Classic is marketed as the Thermapen Classic by ThermoWorks.

Check out the Thermapen Protective Holster. Feel reassured knowing your Thermapen has added protection when stored in the kitchen drawer.


  • Alton Brown calls the Thermapen "The best instant-read I've used"
  • Rick Stein says "My Thermapen thermometer is one of my most valued pieces of equipment"
  • America's Test Kitchen (by Cook's Illustrated) calls the Thermapen "The Best Instant-Read Thermometer"


The Thermapen is consistently accurate, superfast and robust.

The Thermapen was designed with hygiene in mind. The casing features a patented 'Biomaster' anti-bacterial additive and it is splashproof. 

Peek Concepts is the official distributor of the Thermapen in Hong Kong.

What is the difference between a ThermoWorks Thermapen and an ETI Thermapen?

In some parts of the world, the Thermapen is marketed under the ThermoWorks brand, in others, the ETI brand. In Hong Kong, it is marketed under the ETI brand.

What makes the Thermapen so fast?

The Thermapen uses a professional thermocouple sensor to detect temperature compared to mass-produced thermistor sensors used in other cooking thermometers. This makes the Thermapen much quicker and more accurate than its competition.

Why is a fast reading thermometer important?

A fast reading thermometer is important because your food continues to cook as you take its temperature. For example, a pan-fried piece of dover sole may be overcooked by the time a slower thermometer reaches the correct temperature. When testing food in an oven, a fast thermometer means the oven door spends less time open, losing less heat. It also means your hand spends less time in the oven too. Check out the video below to see how it compares.

How do I know what temperature to cook to?

Each SuperFast Thermapen comes with a quick reference temperature chart detailing target temperatures for meat, baking, confectionery and sugar syrups. Many modern recipes also include recommended target temperatures.

What is the 'Biomaster' anti-bacteria additive?

Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology is incorporated into the casing of the Thermapen. It is safe, effective and permanent, controlling harmful bacteria, keeping the surface of your Thermapen clean and hygienic for its entire lifetime. Biomaster products have been proven to reduce growth of food borne bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter by up to 99.99%, so your Thermapen 3 ensures you are constantly protected.

What is the difference between the SuperFast Thermapen Classic and Thermopen Professional?

The SuperFast Thermapen Professional uses updated technology making it faster than previous models. The video below by America's Test Kitchen highlights some of the other differences.

How do I replace the battery on my SuperFast Thermapen?

Measurement Range -49.9 to 299.9°C (-58.0 to 572.0°F)
Accuracy ±0.4°C (-49.9 to 199.9 °C) otherwise ±1 °C
Response Time 3 seconds (reads to within 1°C of final temperature of an ice bath in 3 seconds)
Display Resolution 0.1°C or 1°C - user selectable

Display Size

14.5mm LCD
Temperature Display °C or °F - user selectable


K thermocouple
Case Material ABS plastic with Biomaster anti-bacterial additive
Auto Off Yes
Water Resistance Splash-proof. Not dishwasher safe
Power Battery 2x 3Volt CR2032 lithium coin cell (included), 1,500 hours typical
Dimensions 19 x 47 x 153 mm
Weight 97 grams
Warranty Two-years manufacturer's warranty
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Certificate CE, NSF, Traceable calibration certificate

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