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Stainless steel fridge/freezer thermometer with Ø50 mm dial


Stainless steel fridge/freezer thermometer with Ø50 mm dial

HK$98.00 +


This thermometer is great for either your fridge or freezer

  • Imported from England
  • Clear colour-coded display

Hook this thermometer one the middle shelf, towards the back of your fridge or freezer. Fridges should be kept between 0° and 5°C and freezers between -18° and -25°C. Use your thermometer to alter your thermostat accordingly to ensure your food is kept at the optimum level.

The colour-coded area incorporates traditional fridge star marks and indicates when the thermometer is at the correct temperature for a fridge or freezer. The housing measures 70 x 60mm and can be free-standing or hung from a shelf.

Guarantee - this instrument carries a one-year limited ETI manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.

Temperature range -30°C to 30°C
Dimensions 50mm diameter
Manufacturer Warranty 12-months
Manufacturer ETI
Measurement scale Celsius

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