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RideSafer Tether Strap

RideSafer (USA)

RideSafer Tether Strap

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Perfect for car, taxi, and school bus runs

This tether strap is an optional addition to RideSafer 4 Delight travel vest. It can be used without the EATAL if the vehicle already offers a safe anchor point. Contact your vehicle manufacturer to check where this tether strap can be ideally attached to the vehicle. Designed for children aged 3+.

Some parents choose to have a tether strap for additional upper body support and restraint, which can be especially reassuring with younger, wriggly, or special needs children.

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RideSafer | Using the Tether strap with RideSafer


PLEASE NOTE: This item is only available as a drop ship item sent direct from the distributor in China. It is sent by SF Express quickly within a few working days. SF Express may charge customers a fee of around $20-30HKD on arrival.

100% satisfaction guaranteed: This product comes with a 3 month manufacturers limited warranty against poor workmanship.


This single tether is 44 inches long and is used to connect a RideSafer 4 Delight model with a lap-only seat belt for children weighing 30-60lbs (approximately aged 3-5 years old).

When using the tether with the lap and shoulder belt, the seat belt is doing the vast majority of the upper body restraining and not the tether. So they can use the single tether all the way up to the 80lbs (approximately 5 years old plus).

Children over 60lbs and only using the lap-belt require a dual tether which is only available in Hong Kong on request:

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