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Pollution Mask with Air Filter Sport

I Can Breathe (USA)

Pollution Mask with Air Filter Sport

HK$398.00 +


Worried about air pollution in Hong Kong but don't want to stop your sporting activities? Breathe easy with leading USA brand 'I Can Breathe' face mask. Take control of your life without reducing by reducing exposure to:

* Air pollution

* Diesel fumes

* Smoke & dust

* Pollen & mould spores

This mask was evaluated by elite athletes competing in test events in Beijing before the air cleared for the games in August 2008. All the great features of the Pollution Mask Classic but upgraded to help you breathe faster during high exertion. Your Pollution Mask Sport includes one disposable Coconut Sport Filter and two reusable exhalation valves for the filter. You breathe in through the activated carbon filter. When you breathe out, a flap in each exhalation valve allows the air to expel rapidly.

The Sport Filters have a new source of carbon. Instead of bituminous coal, the new carbon layer is a cellulose base containing activated carbon from coconut shells with no additional substances.

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Filter This disposable filter contains activated carbon from coconut shell. The filter does not replace industrial strength respirators and is not meant for occupational exposure. This mask is not NIOSH certified at this time.
Warranty 3-months manufacturer's limited warranty. Respiratory masks are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale. Masks are guaranteed if defective in materials or construction only.
Colour Available in beige or black
Recommended age Adult size only
Warning Though rare, some people are allergic to coconut as food or oil. Check with your allergist. Check content with your medical doctor. The mask should not be worn near fire. Latex free.


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