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PEEKair Calibrated for Hong Kong

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PEEKair Air Quality Monitor

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PEEKair is an indoor air quality monitor, designed specifically for Hong Kong. Know whether your air is polluted with PM2.5 levels displayed according to US EPA standards. PEEKair puts you in control. Use it to make immediate decisions to improve your family’s health today.

  • Comes charged, ready to use out of the box; no setup required
  • This is a fully independent monitor which does not require wifi / mobile apps
  • First, check the effectiveness of the air purifiers in your home; position them for maximum coverage
  • Palm sized - test your air from room to room without wires at home and in the office
  • Protect your children every night - run your air filters until the air is "good" quality before saying "good-night"
  • Protect your family - turn up your HEPA filters when the indoor pollution is high
  • Save on electricity bills and extend filter life - turn off your air purifiers when they're not necessary


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"One of my best buys ever! Both my husband and my little boy are asthmatic..."

"A must have product for every family home with young kids..."

"Sleek apple style like design..."

Continue reading our customer reviews by clicking the Reviews tab to understand how Hong Kong families have been using PEEKair.

How does PEEKair work?

PEEKair utilises laser light scattering technology to detect particles between 0.3 μm to 10 μm in sampled air. Our proprietary calibration for Hong Kong converts the detected particles into PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations displayed in μg/m3. A fan draws air through the device to provide a rapid response time.

PEEKair is uniquely calibrated for typical indoor conditions and for the range of pollution usually found in Hong Kong.

Why is Hong Kong calibration important?

Consumer and most industrial PM2.5 monitors using laser light scattering detection have no means of weighing particles. The average weight of a fine particle in Beijing is significantly different from that in Hong Kong due to different compositions of pollutants. For example 26% of PM2.5 in Beijing is from coal burning compared to only 3% in Guangdong over the Hong Kong border. PM2.5 monitors need to be calibrated for their place of use in order to be accurate.

How do I know what the PM2.5 concentration means? Is my air good or bad?

PEEKair will display PM2.5 concentrations as a number AND in words as categorised by the US EPA (Good, Moderate, Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, Unhealthy, Very Unhealthy or Hazardous).

Is PEEKair noisy?

No. PEEKair operates almost silently. You will normally only be able hear the internal fan if you hold PEEKair to your ear.

Does PEEKair need WIFI or connecting to my computer?

No, PEEKair does not require WIFI and does not need to be connected to your computer. It cannot send your data over the Internet. It is a stand-alone unit.

What are PEEKair's limitations?

PEEKair does not have any limitations when it is used in a typical indoor household environment in Hong Kong. It is not recommend that PEEKair be used outside of these conditions.

We are often asked what happens when PEEKair is used outside of its designed environment. PEEKair will be effective in providing you with directional guidance, however, readings may become less accurate under the following circumstances:

1) High humidity - This is because small particles can absorb water and grow in size leading to less accurate readings. This limitation is consistent amongst all light scattering technologies.

2) Use outside of Hong Kong - PEEKair has been specifically calibrated for the pollution found in Hong Kong. PEEKair may not be accurate in other parts of the world which have different pollution compositions. It will continue to give you directional guidance. i.e. Whether pollution levels are increasing or decreasing but the numbers may be less meaningful.

Sensor type:

Light scattering, laser diode

Laser diode service life:

8000 accumulated hours or

>4.5 years in monitoring mode for 24/7, 365 days a year.

Particle size range:

0.3 μm to 10 μm

Detection accuracy:

70% of particles @ 0.3 μm

98% of particles @ 0.5 μm

Output parameters:

PM2.5 calibrated for indoor use in the location indicated on your device, PM10

Operating modes: PM2.5 continuous mode, PM2.5 air quality mode, Monitoring mode, PM2.5 PM10 continuous mode

Display range:

0.0 μg/m3 to 999 μg/m3

Display resolution

0.1 μg/m3 below 100 μg/m3, 1 μg/m3 thereafter

Sampling interval:

Every 1 second in continuous mode
1 minute out of every 5 minutes in monitoring mode

Typical response time:

Less than 10 seconds

Operating temperature:

5 °C to 45 °C

Operating humidity:

0% to 95% RH, non-condensing

Power input:

5 VDC, 500 mA      

Battery capacity:

1500 mAh

Typical battery run-time:

8 hours in continuous mode

Storage temperature:

-20 °C to 45 °C

Physical Dimensions:

73 x 73 x 22 mm    


120 g            


Include storage box, AC power adapter (HK/UK plug), power cable, operating instructions and PM2.5 Air Quality Guide


Six (6) months limited warranty against poor workmanship or design faults

Country of origin:




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