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Children's Clock

Zazu Kids

Children's Clock

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Teach your child when to stay in bed and when it's OK to start the day. Bobby adapts with your developing child and can be a useful night companion for many years

* Easy to follow sleep training for younger children

* Teach your slightly older child to understand analogue and digital time

* Older children can use Bobby as an alarm clock they are able to set themselves

It’s hard for young children to grasp the concept of time. Bobby the bear sleep trainer makes it easy for your child to comprehend. Close Bobby's eyes at bedtime indicating to your child that it’s time for them to close their eyes too. Just before wake-up time, Bobby's eyes open slightly. Bobbie’s eyes open when it’s time for your child to start the day. Easy to set for bedtimes and nap times. As your child grows, Bobby continues to guide them with the analogue or digital clock face and alarm clock with adjustable volume setting.

Scared of the dark? Not anymore. Bobby comes with adjustable brightness and auto-shut off. The nightlight can stay on all night or can be set to switch off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes. When powered by batteries, Bobby can be a hug-able, portable friend.



Age Recommendation

3 years plus

Power Supply Mains electricity or 4xAA batteries (not included)
Measurements 22 x 13 x 11 cm
Alarm Three sound options to choose from with adjustable volume
Warranty Six-months (Manufacturer's warranty)


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