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Pollution Mask with Air Filter Classic

I Can Breathe (USA)

Pollution Mask with Air Filter Classic

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Worried about air pollution in Hong Kong? Breathe easy with leading USA brand 'I Can Breathe' face mask. Take control of your life by reducing exposure to:

* Air pollution

* Diesel fumes

* Smoke & dust

* Pollen & mould spores

Effective for poor air quality indoors, outdoors, on airplanes and buses. This porous, lightweight, washable mask includes one disposable carbon filter to help protect you from air pollution and unwanted smells. Easy to carry - just fold your mask into your pocket. Fully adjustable ear loops ensure a comfortable fit. The mask can be worn with eye glasses, goggles, or a helmet. You can talk and be heard clearly whilst wearing these masks so work and socialising are not hampered. Simply replace the filter when breathing becomes difficult or odor comes through even after pressing the nose wire under your eyes. Filter life depends upon your personal sensitivities and the amount of environmental particles you are exposed to

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Filter Contains activated carbon from burnt coconut shell embedded in polyester felt for body and particle filtration. The filter does not replace industrial strength respirators and is not meant for occupational exposure. This mask is not NIOSH certified at this time.
Warranty 3-months manufacturer's limited warranty. Respiratory masks are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale. Masks are guaranteed if defective in materials or construction only.
Colour Available in beige or black
Recommended age Adult size only
Warning Though rare, some people are allergic to coconut as food or oil. Check with your allergist. Check content with your medical doctor. The mask should not be worn near fire. Latex free.


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