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Professional Personal Water Filter Straw

Peek Concepts

Professional Personal Water Filter Straw

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Never go thirsty again! This amazing personal water filtration straw is made of high precision hollow fiber ultra-filtration membranes, coconut shell activated carbon and antimicrobial beads. 99.9% of common bacteria, such as e. coli can be filtered effectively. It also filters chlorine, viruses, and other organic contaminants and reduces turbidity.

Our Professional Personal Water Filter Straw is ideal for hiking, camping and other situations where you don't have access to clean water. With the amazing filtration system you can drink refreshingly clean and safe water from sources including rainwater, river water, well water, lake water, ground water and tap water.

Great for emergencies such as typhoons. Also as a backup for long hikes when you run out of water. Makes a great gift for personal survival kits.

• Suitable for home, office, business trips, vacations, outings, hiking, travel, easy to carry and use.

• filters out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan cysts.

• Filters to an amazing 0.01 microns.
• BPA free.
• Each package contains: 1 water filter, 1 Manual, 1 Portable lanyard, 1 Folding water bag, 1 climbing buckle, 1 silicone extension tube.
• Filters up to 1500 liters of contaminated water.
• Small and lightweight. Fits in your handbag or backpack.


*Warning this is NOT meant for desalination of salt water nor will it remove particles finer than .01 micron, such as soaps and other detergents. Please refer to above chart for a list of particles and other contaminants that are larger than .01 microns.*

Here is a great article on the levels of filtration from the Safe Drinking Water Foundation


BPA FREE abs,pp, silica gel

Flow Rate

550ml / min

Suit Temperature


Active Technology

Hollow-fiber UF membrane &coconut shell activated carbon

Filter Lifespan


Filter Fineness

0.01 microns

150 x 29 x 20mm

Shelf Time

5 Years


8 months


8.85” x 1.18” (225mm x 30mm)

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