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PuriBand Sticker Thermometers

Peek Concepts

PuriBand Sticker Thermometers

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PuriBand Sticker Thermometers! The latest tool in the fight against communicable disease!

Eliminate the need to zap everyone on the forehead every time they walk through the door. The PuriBand Sticker Thermometer gives a constant, accurate read at a glance.

These FDA approved thermometer stickers give you constant and instant monitoring of body temperature for peace of mind. Whether it's your temperature, your restaurant server's, your child's temperature, or the person sitting next to your child in the classroom!

Give yourself and those around you a reason to relax and enjoy themselves without worry. Eliminate the need to constantly check temperatures when interacting in a crowded environment.

Great for students, healthcare workers, airports, restaurant servers and anybody who interacts with the public on a regular basis.


100 Stickers/20 per sheet/5 sheets


Inside wrist, forehead, behind the ear

Shelf Life

Semi-permanent under normal storage conditions

Usage Duration

adult : 2-4 days

children : 1-2 days


+/- 0.2 ℃ at the color changing point

Country of origin




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