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Penguin Pam Sleep Trainer

Zazu Kids

Penguin Pam Sleep Trainer

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Does your child start your day too early? Not anymore with the help from Penguin Pam!!...


Does your child wake up too early? It’s hard for young children to grasp the concept of time. Pam the Penguin sleep trainer makes it super easy for even the youngest child to comprehend. Your child chooses their favourite nightlight colour (red, blue, pink, white or multicolour). The dim glow reassures your child that they don't need to be scared of the dark. Now they have their new friend Pam to protect them. You decide whether the nightlight remains on all night or switches off automatically after 30 minutes. The wireless speaker offers you the opportunity to play an endless list of songs or bedtime stories. 

 Penguin Pam Sleep Trainer

Penguin Pam Sleep Trainer

Penguin Pam Sleep Trainer

Penguin Pam Sleep Trainer

In the morning, Pam automatically lights up with a soothing orange glow which tells your child that they need to wait a little longer. When it's OK to get up, Pam will shine green at a time pre-set by you. Now, it's time to wake up!!!

Avoid the routine, spiraling arguments about bedtime. Now, it’s not 'just mummy' saying "time for bed". The unarguable authority of Penguin Pam helps everyone get that extra bit of much needed sleep.

Pam is suitable from 0+ months.



Sleep training:The colour of the light tells your child when it is OK to get up. Orange light, 30 minutes left to wait. Green light, it's OK to get up.

Wireless speaker: Play unlimited music and stories via the wireless speaker.

Nightlight: Choose your own colour nightlight: multi-colour, pink, white, blue or red. Continuous light or auto shut-off. Set the 30-minute timer to automatically switch off after your child has dropped off to sleep.

Sound alarm: Set independent of wake up settings

Power Supply The penguin has a rechargeable battery and can be charged with a round base and USB cable (included)
Measurements 18 x 11 x 11 cm
Weight 200g
Warranty Six-months (Manufacturer's warranty)


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