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Sam Lamb Sleep Training Clock

Zazu Kids

Sam Lamb Sleep Training Clock

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When Sam Sheep is fast asleep, you’re little one won’t make a peep. Train your child to stay in bed ‘til morning, so mum and dad can stop all that yawning

It’s hard for young children to grasp the concept of time. Sam Sheep sleep trainer makes it easy for your child to comprehend. Sam’s eyes close at bedtime indicating to your child that it’s time for them to close their eyes too. 30 minutes before wake-up time the display turns yellow. 12 stars count down the end of bedtime. Sam’s eyes open and the clock face changes colour to green - it’s time for your little one to start the day. Easy to set for bedtimes and nap times. As your child grows, Sam Sheep continues to guide them with the analogue or digital clock face.

Scared of the dark? Not anymore. Sam Sheep soothes their fears with a dim-able night light, so your child feels they always have the protection of a friend with them.

Avoid the routine arguments about bedtime. Now, it’s not mummy saying "time for bed". The mantra has changed to “Sam Sheep says go to sleep”.

sam sheep sleep training clock

sam sheep sleep training clock

 sam sheep sleep training clock



2 Wake-up settings: Specific time or after a set number of minutes
Sound alarm: Set independent of wake up settings
Nightlight: Screen can stay illuminated all night or set to turn off after a certain amount of time

Power Supply AC/DC adapter (included) or 4xAA batteries (not included)
Measurements 20 x 12 x 14 cm
Screen Diameter 7 cm
Warranty Six-months (Manufacturer's warranty)


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