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Nightlight Lou Owl

Zazu Kids

Nightlight Lou Owl

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Scared of the dark? Now, you don’t need to. Lay down my little one, with your new friend, Lou. Here to chase bad thoughts away and watch over you. Giving everyone a good night’s rest at last…phew!!!

Many young children find it scary to sleep in their room alone in the dark. Lou is your child’s bedtime friend who will stay dimly lit until they’re asleep. If they wake up in the night, Lou will glow again with the sound of their voice. You can choose how long the light stays on for. You determine whether Lou alone lights up or if his overhanging branch also glows. So determining how much light you feel your loved one requires.

Older children will love Lou for safely guiding their night time wanders towards the toilet or reaching for a quick sip of water.




Brightness: Both the owl and the ring can be adjusted independently

Timer: Both the owl and the ring can be switched off on a timer after 30 mins (ring) and/or 60 mins (owl)

Sound Activation: The owl will illuminate automatically when noise is detected and automatically switch off after 5 minutes of quiet

Power Supply AC/DC adapter (included) or 3xAA batteries (not included)
Measurements 20 x 12 x 14 cm
Warranty Six-months (Manufacturer's warranty)


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