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Digital Thermometer and Humidity Meter


Digital Thermometer and Humidity Meter

HK$158.00 +


This thermometer and humidity meter (hygrometer) can simultaneously measure both temperature and humidity within your home. Know when to turn on your dehumidifiers, keeping dangerous mould spores away.

  • Imported from England
  • Use it straight out of the box, no need to press any buttons
  • Hang it on the wall or use the built in desktop stand
  • Large display for distance viewing
  • Determine whether you have an adequate number of dehumidifiers in your home
  • Know when to turn off your dehumidifiers, reducing decibels and electricity bills

Consider placing one of these in every room and main wardrobes. Often, when first moving to Hong Kong, people report noticing that furniture and clothes become mouldy due to the humidity. With the dangers of inhaled mould spores, it is recommended that you invest in an adequate number of dehumidifiers. With these affordable meters, you can decide when the dehumidifiers need to be on, keeping your home clean, comfortable and safe whilst keeping your electricity bills down.

Temperature range 0°C to 50°C
Humidity range 10% to 99% RH
Resolution 0.1°C/°F, 1% RH
Temperature accuracy ±1°C
Humidity accuracy ±5% RH
Power 1.5V Battery AAA (included)
Battery Life 10000 hours
Dimensions 20 x 100 x 110mm
Weight 135g
Warranty 6-months
Case material ABS plastic
Measurement scale Celsius/Fahrenheit & %rh

Please note: If you find that the face symbol is missing from your unit then it is because your home is too hot or too cold to be comfortable. The face symbol is only displayed according to the humidity level being too dry / comfortable / too wet within a temperature that is also deemed to be comfortable. For example, 29 degrees at 90% humidity will have no face symbol but if the temperature drops to 25 degrees with the same humidity level, then a sad face will display because your home is too humid.



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