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AllCheck COVID19 Ag by Calth Care Health - Immediate onsite Antigen test kit

Peek Concepts

AllCheck COVID19 Ag by Calth Care Health - Immediate onsite Antigen test kit

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Temporarily Sold Out. Please see our latest product, which is a saliva swab test at 98% accuracy!

Pharmamed Rapid Saliva Antigen Tests - 5 pack

***Peek Concepts announces a new Covid-19 Immediate onsite antigen test. These tests are 99% accurate and give results in 10-15 minutes. Please allow 7 days for local delivery. Contact us at for overseas shipping***

Know, Don't Guess about whether or not you have the Covid-19 virus. Get results in minutes!

AllCheck COVID19 Ag is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of specific antigens to the SARS-CoV-2 in human nasopharynx.

This is now available, through Peek Concepts, to the public. Don't pay hundreds of $ for a test. Our test kits come in packs of 20. Easy to do it yourself. Get peace of mind for you, your family and your employees for a fraction of what others are charging.

Results are available in 10-15 minutes with 99% accuracy!

Great for healthcare workers, restaurant servers, hotel employees, and any other profession that interacts with the general public. Test passengers before flights. No unnecessary delays.

  • Allow wider testing with fast test time (10-15 minutes)
  • All necessary materials provided / no equipment needed
  • High capacity to meet the most urgent medical and public health needs
  • Can be either saliva or nasal swab
  • No need for pin prick

 Material provided : Test Device, Extraction buffer tube, Nozzle cap, Sterile swab


Founded in 2018, CALTH has been developing products for in-vitro diagnostics and diagnostic reagents based on global demands for excellent Point-Of-Care (POC) testing. They are leading the way in exploring new POC testing through the innovative pre-concentration technology that is possible to develop new high-sensitive diagnostic device.

AII Check™is recognized as a brand that provides highly accurate rapid kit with monthly production capacity of 1 million test strips.






1) The Calth Care Health All Check Covid19 Ag test is designed for primary screening. This kit can provide fast and easy way to get a result, but do not completely exclude the possibility or false positive or false negative result caused by various factors. So, refer to the result of this kit, please make a final decision with clinical manifestation, other test result, and doctor’s view, collectively.

2) Positive test results do not rule out co-infections with other pathogens.

3) A negative test result may occur if the level of antigen in a sample is below the detection limit of the test or if the sample was collected or transported improperly.

4) The amount of antigen in a sample may decrease as the duration of illness increases. Specimens collected after day 5 of illness are more likely to be negative compared to a RT-PCR assay.

What is the difference between Antigen tests and Antibody tests?

An antigen test reveals if a person is infected with a pathogen such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Once the infection has gone, the antigen disappears.

An antibody test reveals if a person has already been exposed to an infection, by detecting antibodies in their blood or serum. Antibody tests are not usually used to diagnose current infection as it takes the body some time to produce antibodies.

Which test is this?

This is an antigen test, designed to tell if a person is currently infected.

Does the test have to be administered by a medical professional?

It is not necessary, but it is recommended. As long as the instructions are followed accurately, the test can be competently administered by anyone. 

How accurate is the test?

It is the most accurate test on the market, with 99% minimum accuracy.

Where can I buy it for my business?

From Peek Concepts. Please contact us via the website or email us at to discuss larger orders.

Method Immunochromatography
Packing Unit
20 Tests / Kit
Certification CE-IVD
Specimen Nasopharyngeal swab and sputum
LOD 7.50X102 TCID50/mL
Running Time
10-15 minutes
Materials Provided
Test device individually foil-pouched, Extraction buffer tube, Nozzle cap, Sterile swab
Country of Origin South Korea
Expiry Date

18 months from the date of manufacture

Storage Condition

2 - 30°C

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