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The creation of PEEKair

In conjuction with the official launch of PEEKair, this week's blog is an easy to read post on the science behind consumer PM2.5 monitors. I show the differences in pollution compositions between different cities and explain why that means PM2.5 monitors need to be calibrated to a specific location in order to be accurate. It all began in early 2015...

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Celebrate Christmas: South American style

Looking for something special to cook on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day? This week’s blog post follows on from my “7 Steps to the ultimate steak” and will focus on the picanha – South America's best kept secret. Full of meaty juiciness; melt in the mouth tenderness; seared to perfection for that crisp dark crust – a meal ‘fit for three kings’. I’ll be discussing how to cook it to perfection and importantly, what wine we paired it with. Salud!

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7 steps to the ultimate steak

Today I unveil my husband's ultimate steak recipe. Over the past 6 years he's experimented to maximise juiciness, meaty flavour and texture. Finally, he’s found the most incredible balance.

For me, the ultimate steak must have a crunchy, smoky, outside crust that contrasts perfectly with the pink, juicy, melt in your mouth core that spans from edge to edge.

I will reveal cooking techniques that may seem deeply unconventional but that is because most of us are conditioned to recipes often developed by commercial kitchens, with the goal of optimising for speed. At home, we have the luxury of time so we can alter our methods to maximise for succulent taste and texture. This recipe will allow you to cook a steak that is far superior to what is possible in any steakhouse.

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Secrets to creating the best chocolate brownie

Over the years, I’ve experimented with recipes which call for a different balance between the five basic ingredients common to all brownies: chocolate, flour, sugar, fat and eggs. I’ve mixed and matched and got pretty close, yet two things weren’t perfect.

Firstly, the chocolate flavour was sometimes too sour or bitter, or one dimensional and boring. Secondly, I found it difficult to consistently produce the perfect interior. Often, it would be too dry. Other times, it would be too grainy, sticky and pudding like. I wondered why top restaurants are able to consistently get it so right. These are the secrets.

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