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How to stop your kids waking you up too blimin' early

Imagine being woken at 6am (or much earlier as used to be the case in our family!!) by your overly energetic toddler who wants to start the day, while there is no need to get up for another hour…This is where sleep trainers come to the rescue.

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The multi-tasking mummy pork chop recipe

As a child, I always knew when dinner was ready because the smoke alarm would sound. Running downstairs, I’d be greeted with a shriveled up piece of cremated pork chop. I could never understand why my mum couldn’t just cook it properly. As a mother myself now, I would consider it was probably because she was so bloody busy!! This recipe turns things around for me – no more” tough as old boots” pork chops. I share with you now, my pork chop recipe, as a “hats off” to all those mummies in Hong Kong who are trying their best to do it all.

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The Best Roast Chicken: 5 Simple Steps

Everyone loves roast chicken. Fact. It’s that crackly sound the carving knife makes as it slices through the crispy, golden skin. Complimented perfectly with an interior of juicy, tender meat. The classic combination to tempt even the most picky child during a weekend family get-together. Check out my five simple steps that will ensure your family is always served mouth-watering meals, time and time again. The Butterflied method is the best, and for me the only, way to roast a chicken.

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What to do when your child has a fever

This week, my daughter, like many people in Hong Kong right now, has been bed-ridden with a fever. It had me thinking, if I’d been away, would my helper (and for that matter, my husband!!) know what to do to correctly deal with a fever? Moreover, if the fever had become worse, and she’d had febrile convulsions, what immediate actions should be taken? Babies and young children can experience a much faster rise in core body temperature than adults. So when we act, we need to know what to do fast, leaving nothing to guesswork. This post offers practical advice that every care-giver in your home should read and comprehend.

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Where to buy air cleaning plants

In this week’s blog, I will explain the benefits of air filtering plants and list a selection that we have in our home. I will direct you to where you can buy them and include the plant names in Chinese characters to reduce the Lost In Translation miming that so often accompanies shopping experiences for expats in Hong Kong. Plus I’ll tell you how much we paid so that you don’t get ripped off – well, no more so than my husband did anyway. Lastly, I will show you how to get home with your kids, your bulky and fragile purchases and baby buggy - stress free!! And so, without any further nattering...

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