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The Latest in Home Covid19 Rapid Antigen Home Tests Using a Saliva Swab:

As the world begins to emerge from its congested 1st year of managing SARS-COVID, we enter into a ‘next phase’ of wishful management, often described as vaccination.  Now despite the brazen approach of our friends at Big Pharma, in concert with hallowed medical and research ‘eager-beavers’ institutes around the globe, all wanting to be ‘’the Winner’, we remain none the wiser as to whether a mass vaccination (one or more products even being used) would ‘contain the contagion’.

Upon one approach you can be certain…that of the necessity for ‘post vaccination’ continual screening using unintrusive rapid testing.  We are not referring to the, falsely titled, ‘Gold Standard’ RT-Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, where false positives are possible, the ‘isolated RNA’ is questionable (i.e. there could be a bunch of viruses identified as SARS-CoV-2), chain of custody questions, and in a split second you can find yourself in a ward with people who are positive.

Instead, and more pragmatically we are referring to rapid Antigen tests, which since their emergence in the second half of 2020 (discarded in the main by medical science for their availability to the general public, under the guise of not being 100% accurate) have undergone phenomenal improvements in specimen collection and in performance. 

Nasal Swabs may be history:

Originally a patient would be tortured with a nasal swab which, in the hands of many ‘health professionals’ made the Inquisition seem tame and/or brought on severe sinusitis.  These experiences, akin to my memories of dental nurses in the 70s, hardly encourage potential patients to volunteer to be tested.

Peek Concepts, in its dogged pursuit to find cutting edge, effective, and affordable products, has scoured the globe to get our corner of the world back to the ‘new normal’ and we are proud to identify the latest in testing technology for rapid antigen testing, from Pharmamed International, an Australian healthcare specialist with some 20 years’ experience in delivering medical devices, oncology products, vaccines and diagnostic tests to the Health Sector.

Pharmamed’s Rapid Antigen Tests

There are essentially 2 categories of Rapid Antigen tests that Pharmamed is releasing to the market this week as per below:

Throat/Nasal/Nasopharyngeal:  These have been around for some time.

Saliva Tests:  NOBODY can mess up this one

Insert the swab by one hand into the mouth cavity and place the swab head between upper and lower molar teeth and slightly bite the swab head for 10 seconds for saliva absorption; After Saliva collection, gently take out the swab.

It’s as easy as that and 98% accurate, with no false positives. Finally, a non-invasive test that’s not painful or uncomfortable at an extremely affordable price. The tests are also available in the more family friendly 5 pack.

These are also CE Authorized, which means they can be sold into the European Union. Most of the products you see in the stores locally have not gone through the rigorous testing and quality assurances required for this certification. A CE Marking process includes a rigorous examination of quality manufacturing procedures and indicates to the public that the marked device meets the standards set by the Union for products and medical devices.

If you were wondering about efficacy of the saliva tests, we’ve searched and found a comprehensive article published in ‘The Scientist’ which details comparisons between nasal and saliva tests, but ALSO goes further to suggest that are old nemesis SARS-CoV-2 hangs around in Saliva for many days…even in the Tropics!


About Pharmamed:

Pharmamed International Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 2002 by Tim Dean as a consulting and international trading business, selling products including plasma products, diagnostic test kits, oncology products, anaesthetics, vaccines and medical devices. Tim has extensive experience in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors, working with both sides of the supply chain, delivering latest innovation in medical devices and test kits.

During the past 6 months the firm has focused on providing point of care screen testing for immediate and safe screening of individuals during the latest pandemic, culminating in the Saliva Rapid Antigen Tests kits which have been released in February 2021.

Ang Mo is a Director of Peek Concepts.

Peek Concepts brings hard to find monitoring, measuring and safety products direct to your home at affordable prices. Shop from the comfort of your home whilst experiencing the level of customer service available from traditional retail outlets.

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