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On the Efficacy of Wearing Masks to Prevent Transmission of Disease.

In our never ending quest to keep our customers informed and prepared, we have decided to regularly update the blog with insights into our decision-making processes regarding the sourcing and appropriateness of our products.

Many times a product that may not be seen as a health and safety product has a dual function. One may not think of a meat thermometer or vacuum sealer as a health and safety product. It may not be a tool’s primary function, but it can be every bit as valuable to health and safety as a smoke alarm.

Periodically, we will be posting and commenting on different articles, papers, videos etc. that we come across in our daily scouring of the planet for new and unique health and safety products. In addition to the more ubiquitous products that every home and office should have.

Here is a great article that discusses how Covid-19 clouds are dispersed with and without the use of face masks. There are myriad arguments on both sides regarding the efficacy of wearing face masks. This doesn’t weigh in on the politics, fortunately, it merely discusses the Physics of Fluids.

The conclusion is that, yes, wearing a mask greatly reduces the volume and distance of a cough cloud. It also noted that an N95 mask is far more effective than a surgical mask. Here is the link:

Peek Concepts is committed to selling quality products that are both good for health and safety and good for the environment. Our Cambridge Masks and Dragon Masks are both N99 which stop over 99.7% of particles as small as PM0.3.

Here is another article that explains why wearing at least an N95 mask is your best protection against both transmitting and receiving coronaviruses:

Basically a virus is usually attached to a larger particle and doesn’t float around by itself. N95 masks also capture particles much smaller than .3 microns.

The other added benefit of using a reusable mask is that they are better for the environment than a disposable one. The Cambridge masks can last for 3-4 months before needing to be replaced. The Dragon masks have replaceable filters which only need to be changed periodically, depending on usage.

Lastly here is a piece on skin conditions due to frequent wearing of masks.

Masks can be breeding grounds for bacteria and molds that may cause skin and respiratory problems. When using a reusable mask it’s important to keep it clean and disinfected.

Unfortunately we are not always near a place to where we can properly wash our mask. A great way to disinfect your masks on the go is with a UV-C wand. Apply these to yours and your family members' masks periodically, to ensure a clean breathing environment.

Peek Concepts has two very portable and very effective models available here and here.

Hope this is helpful and informative. Please drop us any feedback or suggestions to hello@peekconcepts.

Stay safe, healthy and informed! Know, don’t guess.

Ang Mo is a Director of Peek Concepts.

Peek Concepts brings hard to find monitoring, measuring and safety products direct to your home at affordable prices. Shop from the comfort of your home whilst experiencing the level of customer service available from traditional retail outlets.

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